in a co-creation process, we will relate your company values and mission to the product(s)/ services you want to showcase in the promotion video. 
we start with a get-to-know-your-brand meeting, then I will prepare a storyboard with sketches of first visual ideas and effects and the text. you will be integrated into the creative process at that point to add your ideas. when we are aligned on the storyboard, I create the first version of the promotion video and then we collaborate in iterative feedback loops until you are happy with the outcome. you can be as much or as less involved as you wish, after we are aligned on the storyboard.​​​​​​​
photo shootings of teams for advertising material, client presentations and websites, photo shootings of individuals for uniform company-wide profile pictures and for personal use, product photos, elopment & wedding photography
in order to guarantee authenticity, we have to develop the story upfront that defines you, your values and your mission by answering a couple of questions. I find then the appropriate set up for the photo shooting that matches your story. as a final step, the photos need some edit - some colour grading and some patching.
customers love to buy experiences rather than simple functionality and therefore, you need to tell an aligned story across your communication channels. together, we define your story, and we prepare posts that motivate, inform customers in more detail and inspire with experiences they get when choosing your brand.
this spans from (re)defining your brand's visual identity in terms of  logo, fonts, colour palette to illustrated characters for your company's brand portal.
this can basically be all of the above combined in one package: I join temporary assignments as external strategic communication consultant across different industries and countries. such assignment may include communication and campaign planning, working with senior decision makers and the c-level, producing content in form of articles, videos, newsletters, UX/ UI design of IT tools, building applications or websites, organising virtual events or workshops, designing illustrations and graphics, photo shootings of teams and individuals. I am an expert in PowerPoint and in transforming high amounts of complex data into clear, digestible visuals.
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